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Illegibilus - Welner Gainer by youhanvr Illegibilus - Welner Gainer by youhanvr

Thanks for accepting me! This is my first RP group and I hope I did it right ; v ;
RPs are always open. Note or comment, anything's fine!

[ A C H I E V E M E N T S ]
1K House Points
Blood Moon

[ P R O F I L E ]

Name: Welner Gainer
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Height: 185cm
Weight: 70kg
Nationality: Irish
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 6th

[ P E R S O N A L I T Y   A N D   T R A I T S]

  • Frank and Brutally Honest

When Welner says something, he really means it. Sometimes, his words lack tact that he makes sensitive girls cry and form hidden grudges within prideful boys. If he is aware that he offended the person, he is quick to apologize.

  • Mature and Pragmatic

Welner thinks and acts ahead of most of the students in his age. He weighs every decision beforehand and chooses the best possible course of action. This is a habit he has formed since he was young that it was ingrained even when he is forming relationships with other people. He is selective in forming friendships and extra cautious with students from the Slytherin house.

  • Ironically Generous but Selfish/Unconsciously Self-serving

Welner is very welcoming in helping people in trivial tasks. He also doesn't mind treating people for free lunch if it would expand his circle of acquaintances. But he very rarely goes out of his comfort zone to help people with risky tasks. He would put his own interests, comfort and safety first in any situation before others [The only exception being Karl and his sister Danielle]. His selfishness doesn't show in extremes and is slightly noticeable when one observes the decisions he makes. 

  • Remarkably intelligent and creative

Displays proficiency in wizardry activities that require skill and acumen. His creativity shows when he innovates new uses for a spell other than its intended or common purpose. This is why he shows extra fondness for spells that cater to a wide range of uses.

  • Mediocrity-oriented, spotlight elusive and generally nonchalant

Despite showing signs of remarkable intelligence and skill in some areas, Welner finds comfort in mediocrity and a laid-back life. From experience, being an achiever attracts responsibility and stress as well which he strongly detests. He also avoids drama and would rather be the observer than a participant.

  • Limited Prankster 

Plays harmless pranks on other students for amusement. He knows when to stop and only does pranks incognito to avoid attracting attention of professors and soiling his reputation.

[ F A M I L Y ]

Father: Niall Gainer (Pureblood Wizard, Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital)
Mother:  Wilhelmina Ingrid Gainer  (Pureblood Witch, Auror at the Ministry of Magic)
Sibling: Danielle Gainer (Younger Sister)
Distant Relative: Karl Von Fritz (Third-Degree Cousin) 

[ B A C K G R O U N D / H I S T O R Y]

Born to a slightly above middle-class wizarding family of pureblood heritage, Welner grew up and lived in Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry in Ireland. A firstborn of two skilled wizards, he was expected to inherit their magical prowess or even better, surpass them. From a  young age, he underwent training to hone his latent magical abilities. Although he hasn't learned any wizard skill yet, he went through exercises that will help him later on as a wizard such as solving puzzles and situational problems to sharpen his acumen.

Always striving to please his parents, especially his mother, Welner struggled in being a straight A student in class for years. At the age of eleven, he received a letter of invitation from Hogwarts just as expected of him. Even in Hogwarts, Welner continued to meet his parent's expectations to excel in his classes. Some classes were not his forte but he paid extra effort in these classes to keep his performance rating above average. His professors took notice of his outstanding class performances and gave him extra work to do after class to improve his craft. Soon, he started feeling weary of this kind of challenging and exhausting lifestyle.

During his first year at Hogwarts, he would meet his distant relative, a third-degree cousin,  Karl Von Fritz. Karl was sorted into the same house as him and shared the same room in the dormitories. At first, Welner avoids his cousin because of his prankster behaviour, and he fears that if he hangs around his cousin too much,  he would get himself into trouble. Later on, Karl's persistence would win him over and on their second year together at Hogwarts, they would be best friends despite their differences.

 ---  ---

Three years since Welner's birth, his sister, Danielle, was born. The young girl failed to display an aptitude in magic and was believed to be a late bloomer. For years, she underwent the same training Welner went through hoping this would somehow help her develop magical abilities later on. Soon, she reached the age of eleven but never received a letter from Hogwarts. This only meant one thing, Danielle is a Squib, a disgrace to any family of pureblood heritage.

---  ---

The revelation of Danielle's unfortunate situation happened during Welner's third year at Hogwarts. During this year, Welner experienced the most struggles. On the same year, both his parents decided to stay in London for work purposes. His father became a Healer at the St. Mungo's Hospital while his mother became busier in the Auror Office. Danielle, now left alone, was sent to live with distant relatives in Ireland. Welner became the sole focus of his parent's watchful eyes.

Welner soon reached his patience limit and thought he cannot carry all their expectations. Thus, starting from that year, he slowed down his learning progress deliberately and gradually in front of his professors. He desired to belong to the slightly-above-average community, and live a less or even stress-free life. He also started joining actively in Karl's pranks to even alleviate his stress.

However, habit that developed through years of training weren't easy to let go of and Welner still can't shake off the feeling of consistent improvement. That is why, he only tries to perform average in class but masters his spells in secret.

As of current, Welner is now in his sixth year at Hogwarts and continues his quest for a life of mediocrity.

[ L I K E S  &  D I S L I K E S ]

[ + ] Charms and Jinxes - usually of the prank types.

[ + ] Cooking

[ + ] Spells that have a wide variety of uses according to user's skill. (ex. Counterspell, Impedimenta)

[ + ] Leprechauns - he learns a prank or two from observing them

[ + ] Diarmuid Ua Duibhne - a hero from Irish folktale

[ + ] Bertie Botts Every flavor Beans


[ - ] Classes that have to deal mainly with a lot of memorization (ex. Potions Class, History of Magic, Astronomy)

[ - ] Monologues, lengthy storytelling and explanation.

[ - ] Being in awkward situations

[ - ] Stress

[ - ] Heavy responsibilities

[ - ] Receiving too much attention

[ - ] Being born near Christmas Day (mostly because the gifts are… well, you know why...)


[ E L E C T I V E  C L A S S E S ]

Care of Magical Creatures



[ E X T R A  C U R R I C U L A R ]

Ghoul Studies


[ S P E L L S ]

[1] Counterspell (mostly nonverbal) - a spell that negates the effect of another spell which can be used for defensive or healing purposes depending on the skill of the caster.

[2] Deletrius - for erasing traces of evidence when he pulls pranks. Not taught at Hogwarts but he pursued learning it in secret after hearing about it from a group of fifth years  students.

[3] Aguamenti Charm - a spell that releases a jet of water from the tip of the caster's wand. Welner learned this skill for a variety of purposes from aesthetic, offensive and pranks.

[4] Impediment Jinx [Impedimenta] - a spell that impedes the progress of its target and the effects may vary depending on the caster's intent and skill level.

[5] Jelly Fingers Jinx - a jinx purely for prank purposes.

[6] Engorgement Charm [Engorgio] - a spell that enlarges its target


[ W A N D   I N G R E D I E N T S]
Wood: Ebony
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Length: Twelve and a half inches
Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy


[  T R I V I A ]

[x] Almost got sorted to the Slytherin House because of his pureblood heritage, cleverness and self-preserving nature. However, he lacked the ambition and cunningness of a Slytherin so he was sorted to Ravenclaw instead for his intelligence.

[x] He is remarkably proficient in Counterspell. Thanks to advices and trainings from his Auror mother and Healer father, he can use the spell for both nullifying  and healing purposes. It is said that his proficiency in this particular spell is almost at par with an adult wizard.

[x] His flying skills are nothing extraordinary. He is capable of stable and steady flying and good at maneuvering through tight spaces -- nothing too flashy though.

[x] He is secretly a master at cooking. If there's anything he would do without magic, that would be---that's right, cooking. He has great admiration for the skillful hands of Muggle chefs and he is very interested in learning various cuisines around the world.

[x] His favorite place in Hogwarts is the Kitchen. Yes, and he is quite well-acquainted with the House Elves.

[x] Not very photogenic and has a strong tendency to frown and crease brows when exposed to strong sudden flashes of light (camera flash). He looks better in candid/stolen shots.

[x]His name, although of German origin, is pronounced /wɛl- nər/ instead of the common 'v' sound used in 'w' words.

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CoraFeltMarker Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Thank you Cora! :iconloveloveplz:
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Evimo Featured By Owner May 26, 2014
look at this hot tot taTERTOT

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youhanvr Featured By Owner May 28, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh Eviiiiii thank you /////////
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