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Illegibilus - Welner Gainer by youhanvr Illegibilus - Welner Gainer by youhanvr

This is my first RP group! Thanks for accepting me and let's have some fun! ^ q ^
Have a actual chuunibyou cool pose to remember him by before he graduates ... and before you actually meet him and know how uncool he really is...
 > old app here <  
 > alt app ...<   if you're curious at my first attempt... (where he looked like gramp not teenager) 

[ P R O F I L E ]
Name: Welner Gainer
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Height: 188cm
Weight: 87kg
Birthday: < optional >
Nationality (Ethnicity) : Irish (Welsh-German)
Blood Status: Pureblood
House: Ravenclaw
Year: 7th

1000 House Points by row House Cup Trophy by row Prefect Badge by rowBlood Moon Badge by rowFinis Badge by row


[  P E R S O N A L I T Y    A N D   T R A I T S ]

[x] Pragmatic [x] Remarkably Intelligent and Creative  [x] Perspicacious [x] Calculative/Scheming [x] Introspective  [x] Confident [x] Fiercely loyal

 Perhaps the main reason he was sorted to Ravenclaw, Welner is the kind of person who thinks and cares a lot. He might not seem like it since he hides the fact under a generally nonchalant exterior. In every person he meets, he is quick to evaluate their value to him and first impression usually lasts.

 Even if he might seem moderately friendly and approachable, it is very difficult to earn his close friendship and trust. But once you do, he is a loyal and indispensable friend.


[o] Selectively Generous and Selfish [o] Self-Preserving [o] Insensitive [o] Frank/Brutally Honest [o] Spotlight Elusive 

 Despite seeming like a generally pleasant person, Welner has his own share of negative traits - mainly being selfish. Although he might not be obviously selfish, if one studies his actions carefully, one would notice that he mostly cares about himself and a small circle of people. Most of the time, his actions have certain reasons behind it and most of the reasons would cater to his own advantage.  It is easy to ask a favor from him, if he knows you can be useful or can provide something in return.

 Events in his 6th year made him a more responsible individual now, but it hasn't taken away his aversion to attention and limelight.


[ F A M I L Y ]

Father: Niall Gainer (37. Pureblood Wizard, Healer at St. Mungo's Hospital)
Mother:  Wilhelmina Ingrid  Silvers-Gainer  (35. Pureblood Witch, Auror at the Ministry of Magic)
Sibling: Danielle Gainer (14. Squib. Younger Sister)
Distant Relative: Karl von Fritz ( 17. Third Cousin)


[ B A C K G R O U N D / H I S T O R Y]

Born to a wizarding family of pureblood heritage, Welner grew up and lived in Dingle Peninsula, County Kerry in Ireland. A firstborn of two skilled wizards, his mother an outstanding Auror and his father, a reputable Healer, he was expected to inherit their magical prowess or even better, surpass them. From a  young age, he underwent training to hone his latent magical abilities. Although he hasn't learned any wizard skill yet, he went through exercises that will help him later on as a wizard such as solving puzzles and situational problems to sharpen his acumen.

 Both of his parents were always busy mostly due to the nature of their work, but despite that, Welner lived his younger days in tranquility. The frequent absence of his parents was not a major issue to him for he enjoyed the company of his younger sister, Danielle.

 At the age of eleven, he received an invitation letter from Hogwarts and later on was sorted into Ravenclaw. His early years in Hogwarts was spent on achieving stellar academic records, both out of pleasing his parents and gaining the knowledge he always wanted to learn. Not so long, the competitive lifestyle of always striving to be in top made him feel weary and soon he became less inclined in academics towards the end of his third year.

 A lackadaisical lifestyle would have been continued if not for certain events that transpired during his 6th Year which introduced the young man to the feeling of being almost helpless in the face of true danger. After a period of self-reflection, he deemed that his desire for mediocrity dulled his overall usefulness and power to protect those he hold dear. Thus, the following summer was spent on honing his skills once more under the tutelage of his own mother in her spare time.

 Soon he was convinced by his mother to take the same path -- to be an Auror, and thus, he set out to perform better this coming year --- getting grades of no less than Exceed Expectations in every NEWT subject was priority.

 Certain sour events that occurred during the QWC Champions caused  a rift between him and his precious best friend and cousin Karl. Now deprived of his company, Welner plans to fill the void by being busy with academics -- taking a lot of elective classes and often seen helping out clubs and anyone in general. Some thinks he was aiming to be Head Boy but landed in Prefect instead.


[ E L E C T I V E  C L A S S E S]


Care of Magical Creatures

Study of Ancient Runes




[ E X T R A  C U R R I C U L A R]

Ghoul Studies

Magical Theory


[ S P E L L S ]

[1] Counterspell (mostly nonverbal) - a spell that negates the effect of another spell which can be used for defensive or healing purposes depending on the skill of the caster.

[2]  Protego - Creates a shield from the caster's wand which deflects jinxes, hexes, and curses. The strength of this spell is directly connected to the skill and talent of the wizard, and stronger versions can protect against very advanced curses - or even reflect failed jinxes back against the attacker.

[3] Aguamenti Charm - a spell that releases a jet of water from the tip of the caster's wand. Welner learned this skill for a variety of purposes from aesthetic, offensive and pranks.

[4] Impediment Jinx  [Impedimenta] - a spell that impedes the progress of its target and the effects may vary depending on the caster's intent and skill level.

[5]  Revealing Charm  [Homenum Revelio ] - Reveals people near the caster. The Revealing Charm can effectively locate magically concealed individuals as well, including those under the effects of an invisibility cloak. No more hiding from Mr. Prefect.... pranksters.....

[6] Disillusionment Charm  -Used to conceal a person or object. Not taught at Hogwarts but learned from his Auror mother.

[7] Jelly Fingers Jinx - a spell that causes the fingers to take on a jelly-like consistency. A jinx purely for prank purposes but can also be useful in rendering the opponent's hands useless for a couple of minutes.

 Note: Charms are Welner's specialty and if it's a spell 5th year and below, he is able to cast it with no difficulty*. Moreover, he has a fairly wide knowledge of spells and hexes that are not taught in Hogwarts as he had given more time to learn them during his 5th year. The spells listed above are his specialty and he is able to cast nonverbally.

 *Transfiguration spells however, can be quite tricky to perform and might go awry sometimes.


[ W A N D   I N G R E D I E N T S]

Wood: Ebony
Core: Dragon Heartstring
Flexibility:  Surprisingly Swishy
Length: Twelve and a half inches

  His current ebony wand is originally from his mother. The wand's temperament is competitive and fiercely loyal  to its current master. The wand itself is charmed to electrocute another user other than its own master. It is best not to use/borrow this wand unless you acquire it through proper transfer of ownership.


[ L I K E S  &  D I S L I K E S ]

[ + ] Charms and Transfiguration (these classes are his strengths)
[ + ] Cooking
[ + ]Wizard's Chess
[ + ] House Elves
[ + ] Spells that have a wide variety of uses according to user's skill. (ex. Counterspell, Impedimenta)
[ + ] Diarmuid Ua Duibhne - a hero from Irish folktale.
[ + ] Bertie Botts Every flavor Beans

[ - ] Classes that have to deal mainly with a lot of memorization (ex. Herbology, Potions, History of Magic, Astronomy)
[ - ] Monologues, lengthy storytelling and explanation.
[ - ] Being in awkward situations
[ - ] Receiving too much attention
[ - ] Patronus Charm. For some reason, despite his sheer talent with Charms, he couldn't master this particular spell.

[  T R I V I A ]

[x] Almost got sorted to the Slytherin House because of his pureblood heritage, cleverness and self-preserving nature. However, he lacked the ambition of a Slytherin so he was sorted to Ravenclaw instead for his intelligence.

[x] He is remarkably proficient in Counterspell. Thanks to advices and trainings from his Auror mother and Healer father, he can use the spell for both nullifying  and healing purposes. It is said that his proficiency in this particular spell is almost at par with an adult wizard.

[x] Received training with duelling from his auror mother over the summer. Has improved greatly with his defensive and counter spells.

[x] He worked on his flying skills over the summer under the tutelage of a retired Irish National Quidditch Team player. He has improved and become quite confident on his skills and plans to try out for Ravenclaw Quidditch team as Beater.

[x] He is secretly a master at cooking. If there's anything he would do without magic, that would be---that's right, cooking. He has great admiration for the skillful hands of Muggle chefs and he is very interested in learning various cuisines around the world.

[x] His favorite place in Hogwarts is the Kitchen. Yes, and he is quite well-acquainted with the House Elves.

[x] Not very photogenic and has a strong tendency to frown and crease brows when exposed to strong sudden flashes of light (camera flash). He looks better in candid/stolen shots.

[x] Has very…VERY low tolerance for alcohol and goes quite delirious when drunk. FOREVER BANNED FROM ALCOHOL. Since the incident during the QWC, he became very cautious to drinks offered to him.

[x] Mostly seen around halls and courtyard to fulfill his Prefect duties. .... but on rare occasion, he can be seen in his lonesome by the Astronomy Tower....

  [  R E LA T I O N S H I P S] 

here's for your reference....

[  L I N K S ]
just some links that might drop helpful hints somewhere if you want to know him more..?

Through the Years

[ RP Modes]
Short Lit RP || Script = OK!

Skype / Chatroom - preferable 
Comments - medium response speed, but i'm ok with it too ^ q ^
Notes / Google Docs - alright but responses might be slow.... and might tend to forget--//hit

credits to heavensea for the lovely background overlay. realest welner ever.

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